Sunday, February 20, 2011

Defamation Complaints

Educating Benson MN [02-17-11] On Defamation Case #: 10104429

Educating Benson Minnesota On 02-17-11

Defend Yourself Against Local Corruption With The Criminal Defamation Defense (CDD):

Snap Fitness Had A Press Release On The BullHorning But They Removed It For Some "Odd" Reason:

Robin Finke Needs To Put A New Sheep-Skin On After Being Exposed As A Crook On 02-17-11? A New Face-Lift? A New Coat Of White-Wash? Re-Inventing Himself? The Public Has Already Seen That Robin Is A Wolf Under All Those Disguises, Huh?

Lion News: KSAX Helps Swift Co Attorney Robin Finke Bury Case #10104429?

Ooops! KSAX Got Robin's Name Wrong Here! Embarrassing, Huh?

Is There A Major Crime Wave Going On That KSAX Is Running Non-Stop Cop Stories Since We Bullhorned Or Is It A Major Destruction Of Crooked County Attorney's Reputations? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!  

The Rogue's Gallery (Not A  Complete List)


John Besser Runs Benson Police Chief Jimmy Crace Out Of Town! Jimmy Crace Decides To Cut & Run!

Jimmy Is The Second Cop John Has Run Out Of Town!

Sheriff Scott Mattison Was The First To Cut & Run!

Both Crook Cops Were Caught In Cover-Ups, Weren't They?
Who Ran Away Like A Little Bitch?  Chad "The Felon" Larson Ran Away Like A little Bitch!

NEW 8.5x14 inch Weapon In The War Against Local Corruption!

Feel free to copy and distribute:

Lion News: Exposing Local Corruption - Alexandria Mn City Attorney's Office 03-21-11
Lion News: Alexandria Mn Cops Handled In Anti-Corruption Campaign 03-21-11
Lion News: Alexandria Mn Cops Targeting Minorities, Poor, & Uneducated? 03-21-11
John Besser: Alexandria City Attorney Lervick Hides From Nemmers 03-21-11
John Besser: Chad "The Felon" Larson Gets Exposed On 03-21-11!
John Besser: Alexandria MN Cop Doesn't Want A Clown Face! 03-21-11
John Besser: Alexandria Anti-Corruption Campaign Helps Victims 03-21-11

Swift County Attorney Robin Finke's Act Of Desperation!

John Besser: Finke Hires Boyd Beccue To Cover-Up Case # 10104429?

In an act of sheer desperation Robin Finke brings in this knuckle-dragging thug: Boyd Beccue.

A little background on this crook. Boyd was booted out of office in the 2010 election.  And not be a small margin.

Boyd has a history of malicious prosecution.

The problem for Finke is that Boyd Beccue is tied hand and foot to Chad "The Felon" Larson through a home invasion without a warrant.

Obviously, Robin couldn't get a county attorney to stick his neck out for Finke so they had to get someone who was washed-up in politics.  Maybe Boyd was desperate for money now that his cushy job is gone?  Who knows?  All we care is that Robin got Boyd for our benefit.  We already had dirt on this crook, Boyd!

We certainly had a good laugh reading this trash, didn't we? Are we quitting? Nope! We have plenty of 'ammo' for the next bullhorning session in Benson, don't we?

Stick on mailing labels for Boyd's address?

How To Deal With Corrupt Local Media

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John Besser: Reasons Why KSAX Should Have License Revoked! 03-21-11
Lion News: KSAX - Public Safety Threat? Then Attack KSAX's License!
Lion News: KSAX Helps Swift Co Attorney Robin Finke Bury Case #10104429?
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Lion News: Why Is KSAX Using Propaganda In Jonathan Patrick Benson News Reports?
Lion News: Is KSAX TV Aiding & Abetting Slanderers, Stalkers & Vigilantes?
Lion News: Chad "The Felon" Larson's Damage Control In Jonathan Patrick Benson Case?
Lion News: Can KSAX Be Trusted In Jonathan Patrick Benson's Shooting Case?
Lion News: Demand For Removal Of Co. Attorn Karpan & Sher. Wolbersen 12-14-10 P2 KSAX
Lion News: KSAX Television - 4th Pillar Or 5th Column?
Lion News: KSAX Covers Up For The Alexandria Police Dept. On 03-08-11?


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